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In a world riddled by division and intolerance, there is an ever-evolving, shining example of how we can actually live. Global Voices. Started as a simple blog in 2005, GV is now a global family of more than 150 active volunteer authors and translators and more than 20 part-time regional and language editors. GV stories can now be read in a whopping 21 different languages and the organisation also does sensational work in advocacy and in extending the reach of citizen media to communities that most desperately need to be heard.

I became part of the Global Voices online community in 2006 and still never cease to amazed by the stories we cover, the voices we amplify and the bridges we help to build, simply by being committed to the concept of constructive discussion.

For all of us who have benefited from GV’s clear and reliable coverage in order to better understand global issues, it’s our turn to help. To keep the conversation going, Global Voices needs donations and they’ve made contributing very easy – just follow the instructions here.

I do hope that you’ll donate to this worthy and important cause. I know I will.

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  1. [...] I didn’t know much about Global Voices Online except what I read about Global Voices in Wikipedia and then on Janine Mendes-Franco’s blog Francomenz and I liked what I read. Janie Mendes-Franco has been a regular visitor to this blog is responsible for highlighting several of my blog posts on Global Voices Online. I thank her for it. The goal of Global Voices is worthy and it’s all about enabling and empowering a community of “bridgebloggers” who “can make a bridge between two languages, or two cultures.” It’s about amplifying blog voices and defending free speech online. Global Voices Online understands the power of the blog and blogs should never be underestimated. [...]

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