Do a New Thing

At the beginning of 2005, I decided that I would do something new every month. I didn’t want to be over-ambitious and aim for every week, or worse, every day – why court disappointment? It’s been going relatively well and I’ve found that it’s a great way to train yourself to embrace change instead of fighting against it kicking and screaming. Here are short updates on my progress thus far…

JANUARY – I took off for Barbados, husband and good pal in tow, to see Alicia Keys play at the Barbados Jazz Festival. Why should this count as a New Thing? Well, I’d never seen her play live, but more than that, escaping to Bim for the weekend would involve abandoning work for a few days (I run my own business and this was a busy period), leaving the laptop behind and – here’s the thing – not obsessing about it. I justified my truancy by reminding myself that she was, after all, performing on my birthday. We had a ball!

FEBRUARY – The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival season was a short one this year, because of when Ash Wednesday fell. (Carnival is always the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). My New Thing did not involve “playing mas” (participating in costume is something that all Trinbagonians worth their salt have done) but rather covering “the greatest show on earth”. I was contracted to produce a few Carnival videos for TIDCO (T&T’s tourism development body) that would be streamed over the Internet and so, armed with my All Access Pass, I had the unique opportunity of witnessing the celebration from a completely different perspective (just one of the reasons I love what I do!)

MARCH – Also work-related, this month I visited an oil/natural gas rig for the first time in my life! The lion’s share of Trinidad and Tobago’s revenue is generated from the energy industry and although I have produced numerous features for multinational oil and gas companies with operations in T&T, somehow actually setting foot on a platform had eluded me. After overcoming the vertigo-like effect that strong winds and swirling 500-ft. deep water can have on you (platform floors are made of steel mesh which is great for dolphin sightings but so not great for climbing up narrow flights of stairs cantilevered high above said 500-ft. deep water) I found my sea legs and we got some great shots! Thanks to the crews of BGT&T’s Hibiscus and Dolphin platforms for carrying my stuff while I used both hands to manoeuvre about the rigs!

APRIL – You’re looking at it! This month, I started my blog, thanks to the help of the same tech-saavy friend who produces CFR. She guided me through the finer points of posting pictures, etc., so you can determine how good of a job she did if there are actually pics accompanying this post!

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